crack mix 202 by dane

sehr sehr lecker.



frankie cosmos live at juan’s basement


0:56 Caramelize
4:37 Apathy
7:02 As Often as I Can
8:12 This Stuff
10:16 Jesse
13:09 Duet
15:49 Accommodate
17:27 I’m Fried
19:14 Hereby
20:30 Ballad of R & J
22:30 Ur Up
23:27 Being Alive
25:55 Bus Bus Train Train
27:27 My Phone
28:15 Cafeteria
31:24 The End
33:05 Juan Puns
33:37 Same Thing
35:18 Vessel

slayer – early days: episode 2

In this episode, Tom Araya and Kerry King talk about Slayer’s earliest shows, especially the band’s very first show as Slayer: how nervous they were, the home-made flash pots that just didn’t quite work the way they had intended, and more. The clip contains not only vintage live footage of the band, but the band-made flyers that promoted some of their first shows. In these early days, Slayer toured the country in Araya’s Camero and a U-Haul trailer, a far cry from the way they tour today.

against the clock: joakim

Who is France’s greatest electronic music export? Daft Punk? Justice? Jean-Michel Jarre? For our money, Joakim deserves to be on the shortlist. For the past 15 years, the prolific Parisian artist has been honing his poppy, colorful and downright weird take on club music across countless records and aliases on Gilb’R’s Versatile label and his own Tigersushi imprint, remixing everyone from Cut Copy to Robyn along the way.

In 2015, Joakim relocated to Brooklyn to open Crowdspacer NYC, a professional, for-hire recording studio that also houses his jaw-dropping synth collection. The ARP 2600, Korg’s PolySix, the 303, 808 and 909, PPG Wave – if you can name it, Joakim’s probably got one. It was here we caught up with the producer for this week’s Against The Clock, where he made use of some of this and his SP1200 sampler to make a track in 10 minutes.

donnerstagmorgenmusik: the xx – islands


das schöne musikbild (18_081)

xlr8r podcast 538 by fluxion

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musikvideo der woche: fortuna ehrenfeld – der puff von barcelona (live im gloria köln)


mittwochmorgenmusik: tensal – convulsa


das schöne musikbild (18_080)