bbc radio 1 essential mix by palms trax – 2018-01-13


sonntagmorgenmusik: huntsmen – pyre

groove podcast 141 by perel

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as the city sleeps, a mixtape by midland



samstagmorgenmusik: rgl feat yebisu 303 – t2

eclectic podcast 003 by m e t a .



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against the clock: blue hawaii

For our first Against The Clock of 2018, we linked up with Canadian electronic duo Blue Hawaii. Formed of Alex „Agor“ Kerby and Raphaelle „Ra“ Standell, the band have been making experimental pop music for the past eight years, often blurring the lines between performance and DJ set.

Blue Hawaii’s Against The Clock is one of the most laid-back sessions we’ve seen.  Recorded from their couch, the finished track sees Standelle singing from lyrics in a PDF file while Kerby crafts a smooth house beat.

the sream syndicate live on kexp

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Out Of My Head
Filter Me Through You
How Did I Find Myself Here?

freitagmorgenmusik: flesh world – into the shroud