mittwochmorgenmusik: rosetta – red in tooth and claw (pt. 1)


dekmantel podcast 148 by charlotte bendiks

wunderschönes hintergrundrauschen.

npr music tiny desk concert: wyclef jean

ich fand schon das fugees-zeug damals ziemlich lecker …

Set List
Borrowed Time
Turn Me Good
Gone Till November

liner notes: stereolab’s dots and loops in 5 minutes

The British-French band Stereolab was somehow of its time and from another time altogether. On their fifth album, 1997’s Dots and Loops, Stereolab synthesized their retro-musical mastery and brainy ambition in a newly seamless way, creating a dreamy, detail-rich triumph that channels the vibes of the 90s while hinting at something more futuristic.

dienstagmorgenmusik: code orange – the mud

xlr8r podcast 515 by sammy dee


groove podcast 132 by barker


montagmorgenmusik: the dead south – in hell i’ll be in good company

berlin live: william patrick corgan

da schau her, der alte kürbis kanns doch noch …

master boot record & the algorithm – virtua verse (the escape)

wundervoll. einfach wundervoll.