against the clock: bryon the aquarius

Back in 2017, London producer FunkinEven pointed us into the direction of his friend and collaborator Byron The Aquarius, telling us on Twitter he’d make for an excellent Against The Clock session – and believe us, he was right.

The Birmingham, Alabama native has worked with Onra, Flying Lotus and Eminem producer Denaun Porter since 2007, but it’s only in the past few years that he’s made a name for himself as a DJ and house producer, releasing on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature, Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats and Eglo Records.


against the clock: blue hawaii

For our first Against The Clock of 2018, we linked up with Canadian electronic duo Blue Hawaii. Formed of Alex „Agor“ Kerby and Raphaelle „Ra“ Standell, the band have been making experimental pop music for the past eight years, often blurring the lines between performance and DJ set.

Blue Hawaii’s Against The Clock is one of the most laid-back sessions we’ve seen.  Recorded from their couch, the finished track sees Standelle singing from lyrics in a PDF file while Kerby crafts a smooth house beat.

against the clock: joe hertz

Episodes of Against The Clock don’t come much smoother than Joe Hertz’s. Having built a reputation for velvety, nostalgic R&B across a number of EPs over the last few years – the latest of which, the enigmatic night/daze on London label Juicebox Music, dropped last month – we expected nothing less.

Though he hails from Brixton, Hertz’s studio is in North London. It was here we met him to witness the creation of an ultra lush hip-hop instrumental full of whistled melodies, spacious echoes and good, good vibes, in just 10 minutes.

against the clock: roni size

Roni Size has been in the music game since 1997. The founder and leader of Reprazent, an iconic drum ’n‘ bass collective based in Bristol, his debut album New Forms is a classic that still holds up to this day.

20 years later, Roni Size is still on top form. We headed down to his Bristol studio to see what he could do in 10 minutes and trust us, the result was excellent.

against the clock: washed out

Washed Out emerged in 2009 as part of a group of artists making what became known as chillwave, using lo-fi production techniques and sun-drenched harmonies to craft lush, drowsy pop soundscapes.

Chillwave might be a distant memory, but Washed Out has gone from strength to strength in the years since, evolving his sound across records for Mexican Summer, Sub Pop and Stones Throw, who released his latest album, Mister Memory.

For this week’s episode of Against The Clock we visited Washed Out at his studio in Atlanta, where he chopped up some vocal samples, played keys and jammed with his bass guitar to make a laid-back instrumental in just 10 minutes.

against the clock: cid rim

Clemens Bacher aka Cid Rim has been crafting a genre-defying blend of R&B, pop, hip-hop and club music for over seven years now, most notably on Glaswegian power house LuckyMe.

With recent album Material propelling his sound to the next level, we met the Austrian producer at London’s Red Bull Studios for the latest episode of Against The Clock where he used a keyboard and drum kit to make a track in 10 minutes. Press play and get ready for the killer drum solo.

against the clock: ferro

Jasper Verrijzer has been releasing records as Ferro for the past three years, reshaping his house and techno influences into something leaner. A resident of Amsterdam’s VBX club night, he’s also got a keen ear for new talent, working as A&R for the record label of the same name.

Verrijzer invited us into his studio to watch him in action, where he used a host of synths, drum machines and effects to build a loose, dusty minimal house track in just 10 minutes. Listen out for the Michael Jackson sample.

against the clock: mele

könnte ich stundenlang zuschauen …